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Wrapping Paper Walls. Kids Craft.

Wrapping Paper Walls
The other day I couldn't get the kids to play together. They both was very clingy to me and I had many orders to work on. At the time I was working on this Guitar Cake and I had wrapping paper in front of me and a light bulb went off in my head. I decided to tape wrapping paper down the hallway wall and let the kids color on it!
It was a hit! The kids sat and colored for over an hour. They didn't fight and it was so sweet watching Madison help Jaxson putting the lids back on the markers. The best part, I got to work without distraction for over an hour :) and I could still keep an eye on them!
I couldn't even get them to turn around for a quick pic.
If you need a moment of personal time and they refuse to play in their room this may work!
Test it out. It's fun :)

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