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DIY Halloween Bottle Cap Bow Centers

Halloween Bottle Caps
 Are you ready for Halloween? Chances are you are like me and you are just now thinking about what your kids are going to wear to school on Halloween. Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, so it will be a school day.
 I've already got the costumes figured out, but I didn't think about the cute school outfit she will wear. I made a couple Halloween bows for next week and we decided to create some Halloween Bottle Caps for the bow centers.
So easy to DIY!
You will need.... 
 Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Halloween Bottle Cap Image
Painted Bottle Caps
1" hole punch
Blow dryer (optional)
DIY Steps:
1. You can create your own Halloween Bottle Cap Images by your self or you can purchase some online. I just purchased mine online via Etsy. Just print them out and punch out with a 1" hole punch.
2. Paint Mod Podge on your bottle cap
3. Add your bottle cap image to your bottle cap.
4. Paint more Mod Podge over you image. Let dry.
5. Repeat step four 2 or 3 times.
Tip: Get the kids involved!!
Let the kids do this! This is a great, easy, and fun kids craft!
 Madison helped me with her bows and to speed the process up we used a hair blow dryer on the cool setting.
Once they are dry hot glue them on to your bows :)
Don't limit this creation to just bows. Think of the endless possibilities! What could you make out of these cute Halloween bottle caps? Magnets or necklaces come to mind. What do you think?

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