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DIY Pirate Loot Bags

Pirate Goody Bags
Lets stamp on some muslin bags today and make some cute Pirate Favor Bags. I made these bags for Jaxson's 3rd Pirate Birthday Party and they were a big hit.
You can do these bags for any theme or occasion.
All you need to make your own Pirate Loot Bags...

 Any themed stamps. I used Pirate Stamps.
Stamp ink pad. I used black.
Red Fabric Paint.
Muslin Bags
 Ink your stamp.
Stamp your bag. This "THANK YOU" stamp is for the back side of my Pirate Goody Bag.
 X marks the spot at every pirate party. I used my red fabric paint for the X. Let dry before adding more stamps...
 Now, stamp the front of your bag along the red path.
 Looks like the little Pirate found his treasure eh matey?!
 Isn't this fun! Think of the endless possibilities! What do you want to stamp on these little bags?

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