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Coat Hanger turned into Bow Holder. DIY CRAFTS

DIY Bow Holder
 Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect bow holder to match your daughter's room. If that's the case then find something that does match her room decor, like wall art or a coat hanger, and turn it into a one of a kind bow holder.
My friend asked me to turn this Owl Coat Hanger into a bow holder.
 It's easy to DIY.
 Here is the Owl Coat Hanger before I did anything to it.
First I took the hooks off. They just unscrewed right off with a screwdriver.
 Then, I added 3 double layers of ribbon with my hot glue gun. You can make the ribbon however long your short you want it. Of course, the longer the ribbon is the more bows it will hold.

The white ribbon is glued with small dabs of glue 2 inches apart from each other. This will leave room for the bow and the bow will stay in place and not slide all the way down the ribbon.
I added 3 bows at the top of each ribbon and glued them in place. I used Turquoise, Orange, and Light Pink Ribbon to match the owls.
 At the bottom of each ribbon I added a large Rhinestone. This will hold the ribbon down so it doesn't sway from side to side when no bows are on it.
You're finished! Hang up and started adding some bows!
What else could you turn into a bow holder?
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  1. Where did your friend find this cost rack? It would be perfect for my little girls ro!

  2. i would also like to know where this coat rack is from. love it!!


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