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How to keep people on your blog longer

How To Keep Visitors On Your Blog Longer
Do you have a blog and you're frustrated that visitors do not stay on your blog for even one minute? Isn't it frustrating to know that no one is interested in reading your content that you've spend hours taking pictures of, editing the pictures, writing, posting, and promoting? Blogging is tough. Many people give up but if you "keep trucking" (as my brother would say) you could have a popular blog in the near future.
Here are my 7 tips to help visitors stay on your blog longer...
#1. Link Within.... Do you understand the term Link Within? If you read any of my post you will see a link to another post or section for my blog. For instance, if I write a Sweet Friday post I will have a link to all my other Sweet Friday post. Chances are, if you are interested in this Sweet Friday post then you may be interested in reading more of my Sweet Friday post. Did you see what I did there? I just linked within. Each "Sweet Friday" is a link that will send you to a different Sweet Friday post. Do not link to something random that you want to be seen. Make sure it's the same topic that you are writing about. I wouldn't have a cake post linked to a family update.

#2. About Me.... Honestly, people are nosey; in a good way. They want to know who is writing this blog. Maybe, they are interested in knowing you, or maybe they want to know if you are just like them. If they can relate to you then you might have just won over a new follower. Maybe, they want to see if you are similar to them. In there head they may think, "If she can do this, I can do this."

#3. Popular Post... If your reader is loving the post they originally found your blog from, maybe they want to read more interesting popular post. How to peek their interested in staying longer is to have a few Popular Blog Post on your sidebar. Popular Blog Post is very easy to add to your blog sidebar and people will read them.

#4. Blog Archives... This does the same thing to peek readers interest in staying longer as the Popular Blog Post does. Blog Archives will take your reader from your very first post in the order you posted it. Blog Archives can be added to your sidebar or you can create a separate page for it. Maybe, your reader wants to see how you've grown; from your first post to your post from today. How your crafts have evolved, to the growing of your cake decorating ability, from poor quality pictures to your new professional quality pictures. Or maybe they just want to see how many post you write per day, week, month, or year. People do not like a dead blog. Blog Archives will let your reader see everything you've written throughout your blogging journey.

#5. Avoid Dark Colors... This is pretty simple to understand and follow. Don't you hate it when you find a great post that you're dying to read, but you go to their page and almost everything is black. When that happens I leave within 10 sections. My eyes can not adjust to a black background and hot pink words. As you can see while reading this, my background is white with black words. This is what I'm talking about. Keep it clean and easy to read.

#6. Have Less Side Ads... Having less side ads is double edge sword. You want your side ads on your blog to make money for your blog. Every blogger wants to make money from blogging, but what are you doing? You are sending your readers away from your blog. Your reader is reading your post, but they see an ad for 75% off their favorite boutique. They can't focus on what they're reading, because their womanly shopping senses kick in and they click the ad leaving your blog. Yep, you've just lost your reader and chances are they have left your blog without signing up for a newsletter. Bummer.

#7. Pictures... If you are going to write a blog post have a picture. It's simple, but so many people do not have a picture when blogging. If you are going to write a tutorial about how to make something have some pictures to go with it. Don't you hate when you want to learn how to make something and they give you step by step instructions with no pictures. How do you follow? Pictures are key, even if they take forever to photograph and edit. It'll be worth it.

Thanks for reading. I hope this post was helpful for you. I've been dying to write it for a long time. If you are interested in more blogging tips sign up for our daily emails (right sidebar). I plan on having a full series of blogging tips soon. (Do you see what I did? I just Linked Within again)
Do you have any other helpful ways to keep readers on your blog for longer?


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  2. So true about the ads... but if I am getting paid for that I am ok:)


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