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Can't upload pictures to blogger

Are you having issues uploading your pictures to blogger?
I am finally back to this "blogging thing" after a 2 month hiatus and the upload picture button was gone! It took me awhile to figure out how to upload a picture after playing with it for an hour last night. Then, I got on Facebook today and another friend blogger Kathia from Pink Little Cake was having the same issue.
If you can't figure it out...
 just upload the picture in HTML format instead of the Compose format. It's that simple! Write up your post in the Compose format, like you normally do, and switch over when you get to the upload picture part. I hope that helps :)
Are you having the same issues?
Switching from Blogger to Wordpress
One of the things I want to do this year is to switch from Blogger to Wordpress. I'm terrified to say the least. I do not know where to start and I do not want to lose half of my content. Have you made the switch? Any tips?


  1. I have Blogger start telling me that I am maxed out and can't upload anymore. Now I have to use an outside source (photobucket) to upload. I have only blogged for about a year so I know there are plenty of people who have used way more pictures than I have, so I don't get it... but it's deterred me from blogging because I'm too lazy to go to photobucket! lol

  2. Thank you so much! That was driving me nuts!!!


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