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Graduation Gift Ideas. Texas Shirt.

Graduation Gift Idea

This is hands-down the best gift, regardless who you're buying it for. This gift is great for people of all ages, the people who love their home states & the people who hate their home states! Wouldn't it be funny to give this to someone as a gift who absolutely hates the town they grew up in? Regardless, it's still their HOME STATE and they can never change that! This shirt is the perfect gift for that high school graduate going off to college. Let them walk down the campus being proud of their home state! 

I've bought 2 of these shirts. A purple Texas Home State shirt (FOR ME!!) & it is the biggest conversation starter! I've never had this many people come up asking where I bought a shirt before.

The 2nd shirt I bought was for my brothers 19th birthday. He has been away at college for a year now and I didn't want people to ever ask where he was from. 
When my brother opened his shirt he loved it, but my mom loved it more! She wore it and didn't give it back to him until spring break was over and he was off to college again. HAHA... so I decided to buy her the exact same shirt for Mother's Day...SHHHH!!! 

I now have bought 4 of the TEXAS HOME STATE SHIRTs from Home State Apparel's Etsy Page and I plan on buying more! I'm a proud Texas girl. I need one in each color and it's a hit as a gift!

Thank you Home State Apparel for being the Original Creators of these amazing HOME shirts. I love it! 

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