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Shake the Crave Product Review. Control Hunger Today!

 When I was asked to sample Shake the Crave by Trusted Health Products I was all game. I mean, why would I not want to control my hunger? Some days I lose all control and eat everything in my path. Admit it you have days like that too! 

Then, when I read that Shake the Crave is made from 100% pure ingredients including natural sugar cane, I got excited.

I received Shake the Crave in Vanilla and in Chocolate. 

It was so easy to mix. Just add 8oz of your choice of milk and blend, but don't blend it too fast or it comes out like this...

The first time I blended it I didn't follow the steps and blended it on high. I got a foam layer on top, but this foam layer did not effect the taste what-so-ever.

If you are looking for something to control your hunger, to give you an extra boost of energy, or to replace unhealthy snakes then this is the product for you. It was delicious and I forgot to eat lunch! Yes! I drank this at 7am and at 2pm I realized that I didn't eat my lunch! That never happens!

So Chocolate vs Vanilla? What would you pick?

I preferred the Vanilla more :)

Order yours today by *clicking this LINK*.

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