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5 Year Old Flips Out When His Elf Comes Home For Christmas {Video}

Elf on the Shelf, Todd

Of course our Children love Todd, as he has been apart of the family for the last three years, but this year my son had a melt down. Watch Jax flip out when his Elf, Todd, comes home for the Holidays. Enjoy!

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This picture says it all....
5 year old having a melt down over his Elf on the Shelf with sister's evil laugh in the background.

Does your family participate in the Elf on the Shelf tradition? This fun but sometimes hair pulling tradition parents create for their children to encourage them to be good. The idea is, your Elf reports to Santa every night to tell Santa if you've been naughty or nice, but upon return your Elf gets into things. So us parents have to come up with new ideas each night for the elf to do. This is all fun and games until you wake up at 5 am and remembered that you didn't move the Elf. We have done that more than once & our kids have a melt down. Our excuse is "You must have touched him" or "He had a sugar high and crashed". What excuse do you make when you forget to move the Elf? 

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