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Easy DIY Stacked Pumpkins

Cheap Pumpkin Decorations

My kids leave their pumpkin buckets all through the house, so I decided to use them as decorations. 
I usually toss them into the trash every year, but now I have a better solution. 

Stack them under a pumpkin you already have! These can go as tall as you'd like and they come in all different colors. When you top them off with a finished pumpkin (one that isn't for candy) it gives it a more finished look. I added a cake stand to one of the stacks, until my next Walmart or Target trip to grab another dollar pumpkin. 

Simple. Easy. Cheap.

What do you think? What do you do with your dollar candy pumpkins?

A great idea is to add some glow sticks to each pumpkin! 

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