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Halloween Party Cake. The Witches Cauldron with Dry Ice

Halloween Witches Cauldron Cake

My son, Jax, decided on a Halloween themed birthday party this year, and I couldn't have been more excited. I've always wanted to host a Halloween Bash, but deciding on a cake wasn't easy. 

 With Jaxson's help, we decided to make a witches brew cake! He made sure I added her stir stick, some eyeballs, octopus legs, spiders, zombie hands, bones, and more! Jax even had a story made up on how the witch fell inside her own pot. Don't you just love the imagination of a six year old?

Halloween Party Cake & Thor!

 Here is an up close look at our Cauldron Cake without the dry ice. 

How to make a Cauldron Pot Cake with Dry Ice:

  • 8" round cake, 9" round cake, & another 8" round cake stacked up
  • Crumb coat it, & cover it with fondant
  • Witches legs and stir stick is a wooden cake dowel covered in fondant
  • The kids rolled up hundreds of green balls for the bubbly brew.
  • Wilton's Gummies for the Zombie Hands & Eye Balls
  • Orange and black sprinkles to the top of the cake
For the Dry Ice Effect:
  • Find a plastic cup the height of the cake 
  • Trace it in the center of the cake
  • Cut & scooped out the inside of the cake forming a hole for the cup to fit in
  • Add chunks of dry ice
  • Add water
  • Watch it brew

This was a great cake for the kids. Here is Jax adding brown pearl dust to the witches stir stick. He made the green bubbles, added sprinkles & placed all the decorations where he wanted them to go. A fun kid freindly cake! You can't go wrong.

Jax loved his Fondant Witches Cauldron Cake. The dry ice effect was super cool. I definitely earned some major Mommy points. Click this link to see the video of the cake in action and hear the witches pot cake brewing... (it will take you to my fb page)

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