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DIY Mirror Makeover with Metallic Glaze Paint

 Mirror Makeover

You may remember my dresser I turned into an entertainment center a few years ago. It's been my number one pinned post on Pinterest for the last 3 year. Click Here to read all about it. 

Well, this mirror is from the same dresser. It's been in the garage since I found it at an estate sale. I didn't know what to do with it, until I received these beautiful turquoise windows from my parents as our new house warming gift. Did I mention we bought a house back in August? 

What you need to DIY...

  • Sandpaper Block 120-150 Grit
  • Painters Tape
  • Blow Dryer (optional)
  • Windex & Paper Towels
  • Martha Living Metallic Glaze- Black Coffee
  • Wet Wash Cloth

How to distress a mirror with paint...

This is a pretty simple project for you to do. Here's the easy steps...

1.) Tape of your mirror. It's important to do this first. I didn't do this and I accidentally sanded the mirror, forever ruining a small section of it. 

2.) Lightly sand your mirror. I started off with an electric sander, but I liked using my good ol' sanding block better.

3.) Over sand patches of your mirror, so places are raw. When you add the glaze it will adhere better to those places giving it a more distressed look.

4.) Use a blow dryer and clean up all the sanding dust. (Optional) Vacuum works too.

5.) Use Windex on the wood! YUP.. you read that right. It cleans it perfect, leaving no sawdust behind.

6.)With a paint brush apply an even coat of Martha Living Metallic Paint in Black Coffee. Although, the name is Black Coffee it is a dark brown with shimmer. It's beautiful. I use it every time I want to antique glaze something in our house. From Tables, to mirrors, to picture frames; It's my favorite glaze.  

7.) Wait a couple minutes then wipe down the glaze with a wet rag. It will smear the glaze, showing some of the original wood through. 

8.) Once that dries, with a paint brush go back and swipe more glaze on your mirror. Just any where you think it should have more color. I focus on the corners, the crevices, and the places we deep sanded.

9.) Let dry, take tape off, and hang up!

Tips on hanging a mirror...

This mirror was heavy! It was made for a dresser. It had brackets you placed in side other brackets on the dresser. We added hooks to the back of the mirror and we MEASURED! 

Measure where you want to hang the mirror. 
You want to know the measurement from each hook on the backside of your mirror, and from the hooks to the ceiling. Then, you want to measure the top of the mirror to the hooks. 

So, if the top of the mirror to the ceiling is 10" but the hooks to the top of the mirror is 2" then you want to place a dot on your wall 12" down. Then, go across horizontally the number of inches from each hooks. Lets say that's 14". Then, you need to double check to make sure that second horizontal dot is 12" from the ceiling.

Simple enough, right? :)

I'm so in love with this section of my new home. This mirror is the perfect finishing touch to my antique turquoise windows & my sawhorse table. I can't wait to tell you all about this sawhorse table in a future post. My husband and I made it!

Pin this post for easy access for your future mirror makeover and let me know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by :)

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