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World Famous Deluxe Fruitcake. Collin Street Bakery Review.

Have you tried fruitcake before?

 I've never had fruitcake. The stigma of fruitcake being the gift that no one wants during the Holidays is burned into my brain, but when Collin Street Bakery reaches out to you for a review you can't say no. 

I know all about Collin Street Bakery. I'm from Texas. Billboards are all through the lonestar state. This place is a big deal in Texas, but I've never had the chance to go. This was my opportunity to get a taste of one of the most popular bakeries in Texas.

Shipping was fast, the fruitcake looked beautiful, and it arrived in this cute keepsake tin.  

I had no clue I was about to slice into a World Famous Cake. Collin Street Bakery has shipped cakes to 196 countries around the world. That's impressive!

So what did I think about the taste?

It was great! The pecans was my favorite part. I wished I had a pecan in every bite! I can only describe it as tasting similar to a banana nut bread with fruit and pecans. This fruitcake included pineapple, papaya, red cherries, honey, raisins and topped with the pecans. It was delicious!

I should have read the guide before cutting the fruitcake. We dove right in, but I was suppose to cut with the foil still intact. Then, take the foil off for the perfect slice. 

What did my family think of Collin Street Bakery's Fruitcake?

Can you tell from this picture? Madison and Daniel LOVE IT! Jax wasn't a fan, but 3 out of 4 is great! We will be ordering this Famous Fruitcake in the future and I, now, know they have CHEESECAKE! 

If their cheesecake is half as good as their fruitcake then I'm a customer for life! Yum... Cheesecake!

In all honesty, would I buy this fruitcake with my own money?

Yes! I plan on ordering one for Christmas! It will be a great snack for my extended family to eat while the food is cooking. 

I'm grateful I was able to do this review. I have a love for fruitcake now, that I didn't know I had. If you're looking for a World Famous Fruitcake for the Holiday's (or any occasion) then you should order one from Collin Street Bakery. 

You will really appreciate the quality of Collin Street Bakery. 

 Have you tried Collin Street Bakery before? Comment below.

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