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100 Melting Crayons. 100 Day of School Craft Idea

100 Melting Crayons

We are getting ready for the 100th Day of School and my son needs to bring 100 items to showcase. Jax and I went back and forth between 100 pennies, 100 cars, & 100 Lego's. We just couldn't decide. Then, Jax said "what about crayons?"

 DONE! Let's do this!

I'm obsessed with crafting with crayons. You may remember these crayon post from years ago...

Enough about the past! Lets get started on our 100th day of school crayon craft!

Supplies you will need:

Glue Glue:

#1. Mom or Dad, glue 50 crayons on the top of the poster board. 

#2. Glue 50 crayons on the bottom of the poster board. Have the tips of the crayons facing each other.

#3. With Scissors trim the poster board if needed. We had to cut almost half off.

#4. Stick your Washi Tape in the shape of  the number "100" on your board. The washi tape will fold when you bend it. It's really thin and easy to work with.

#5.  Use your blow dryer and start melting the crayons. Keep the heat only on the tip of the crayons and do not let the air blow around. It will splatter. Try to keep the blow dryer pointing down. Your kids will have a blast doing this. Your goal is to cover the washi tape.

Tip: Melted crayon is hard to get off surfaces, so go to the garage and find a place you don't mind getting messy. We used a plastic back drop and a piece of wood. Outside grass would be a great spot too.

#6. Once your washi tape is half way covered in crayon, flip your poster board over and melt the rest of the crayons. 

#7. When the crayons are melted and your washi tape is covered use the "cool" setting on your blow dryer.

Done with the blow dryer!

#8. Take off the washi tape. This took a little time, but we got it off! An older sister is great for this :)

Viola! Our 100 Melting Crayon Craft came out adorable! We added a name tag to the front in case his teacher decides to hang it up for awhile.

It's like he aged overnight! 

My daughter didn't have the chance to dress 100-years-old, so this was a fun project for Jax and I. Did you kids get to dress old on their 100th day of school?

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