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Dollar Tree Pantry Organization

My pantry before was a total disaster. Over the last 6 months our large pantry has turned into a storage for everything. Not only does it have food, but kids crafts, pots and dishes, cleaning supplies, and more. It was a mess! 

I may have gone a little wild on buying these containers from the Dollar Tree, but when some of them came in a pack of three I had to. 

My 1st run to the Dollar Tree I grabbed these containers. I wanted more of the canvas container at the top of this picture, so I went to a second Dollar Tree. They didn't have any canvas containers, so I bought different ones. 

Here is the final look at my pantry makeover...

I love it! You can't tell from the picture, but my pantry is a walk in. It is a "U" shape with the exact amount of space on both side as the front view. Those sides are empty right now and all my food has a place. 

However, I do need to go grocery shopping. Most of these containers are empty lol.

And speaking of groceries; check out my new GROCERIES sign I made last week...

Well, there you have it! I hope my pantry has inspired you to organize yours :)

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