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Become an Essential Worker today! Run with Favor!

Join Favor Delivery and start earning money today! 
You can become an essential worker, helping your community, and earning money!

What is Favor?
Favor is a Texas company who hires "runners", also know as "personal assistants", to deliver items to customers.

What does Favor deliver?
Each order is different, but runners may deliver groceries, fast food, dry cleaning, and more. 

How does Favor work for Runners?
An order comes through, you accept or deny it. You might shop for groceries, pick-up dry cleaning, or pick-up take-out. Once you're finished with the errand, you'll have directions to the customers address. Drop off at the door. Once the errand is completed you get paid! 

When do I get paid from Favor?
What I love about Favor, unlike other delivery companies, you decide when you get paid. Get paid weekly, through direct deposit on Wednesdays, or get instant cash at the end of the day. The cash out option does have a .99 cent transaction fee.

Do you work with Favor?
Yes! I earn extra money with favor and enjoy it. I only do the HEB Fleet orders. I don't have to shop, I get to help my community, and have (almost) zero contact with people.

What is Favor H-E-B Fleet order?
H-E-B Fleet Orders are curbside pickups. H-E-B shops the order and a Favor Runner will pick up the order and deliver to the customers doorstep. 

How much can you earn with Favor?
You receive 100% of your tips. You can get paid hourly with a minimum guarantee starting price. Each hour has a different starting price. I've seen it range from $9-$11 (then add your tips). Most runners average between $10-$18 an hour. Earn extra cash by referring your friends to become runners!

H-E-B has teamed up with Favor to help Senior Citizen's, 60 years or older, get their groceries for same day delivery! While practicing "social distancing" all Favor runners are require to drop of groceries at the front door. Text the customer a 'thank you' and a picture and that is it!

I really enjoy doing Favor. I've been doing Favor and another delivery company since August of 2019. I needed to get out of the house and to have human interaction. All of you stay at home moms and work from home moms can understand that (dads too). However, I'm working on Social Distancing at this time and not working.

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