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Gravity Defying Texas Themed Birthday Cake. Tips on how to DIY Pouring Dr. Pepper Over Cake.

 This Texas Themed Birthday cake is perfect for a true Texan! It includes her love for Dr. Pepper, Bluebonnets, and the Texas Flag.

Texas Cake

How to make a gravity defying Dr. Pepper Cake:

To achieve the illusion of Dr. Pepper being poured over the cake we need to have a structure inside the cake holding the coke can up. For years I used a metal wire, but for something that is light weight, like a coke can, I use a balloon stick. Glue the balloon stick upside down on your cake board, cover, and feed it through the cake. With this two tier cake, I placed the balloon stick on the top cake board. Think about where you want the pouring effect to go. I glued my balloon stick to the outside of the cake board, not the center. 

I added foil inside the Dr. Pepper can and glued it on the balloon stick. 

Then, I covered the balloon stick with foil and covered the foil with fondant. The foil will give the fondant something to hold on to and prevent it from sliding off.
How to Pour Dr Pepper Over a Cake

How to make Dr. Pepper Glaze for a cake:
Obviously, pouring Dr. Pepper over a cake wouldn't go so well. So, I melted pipping gel and added brown food coloring. Then, I painted the piping gel over the fondant balloon stick. 
Next, I poured the warm pipping gel over the cake. It dripped perfectly and looked like real Dr. Pepper was being poured over the cake.

How to Make Fondant Bluebonnets

The Texas Bluebonnets were made out of fondant; attached to wire wrapped floral tape. For the Texas Flag, I rolled out a very thin layer of white fondant mixed with some gum tex powder for the background of the flag. I cut it to size and decorated it with blue, white, and red fondant creating the Texas Flag. You will need to work fast before the fondant dries to form it to the cake. This will give your flag a flowing, draped over look. I laid the flag over the cake forming folds. I lifted the edges of the flag and placed rolled up foil to hold it in place until it dried. 
Texas Flag Blue Bonnet Cake
For the final touch, I dripped more of the Dr. Pepper glaze over the Texas Flag.

Did you know Dr. Pepper was created in 1885 in Waco, Texas? You can go to the Dr. Pepper Museum and learn all about the history of Dr. Pepper and Waco, Texas. Plus, you get a free Dr. Pepper on your way out!

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