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How to get a good blowout at home! Hot Tools One Step Blowout Product review. Before and After!

One Step Blowout! 
The Hot Tools One Step Blowout is a game changer! I've wanted to write this Hot Tools One Step Blowout product review since Christmas. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Blow Dryer Brush

I received this blow dryer brush and was instantly hooked! It's one of my favorite gifts that I use every third day; when I wash my hair. I could never go to bed with wet bun hair. The next morning my hair would take too long to detangle, blow dry and straighten, until now!

Now, I can sleep in a wet messy bun, wake up, brush my hair (with my favorite Wetbrush), and use my One Step Blowout brush . In less than ten minutes I have dry, straight hair, that has volume!

My Before Picture: after I took my hair out of a slept-in  messy bun. It's damp hair with a lot of frizz. My After picture: dry straight hair which took less than 10 minutes! The perfect at home blowout! It's the best hair product for someone who doesn't have time or patience to do their hair.

How do you use the One Step Blowout?
Although, it's a similar process as a round brush and blow dryer you only need one product! After your hair is brushed. Lift up a section of your hair and place the brush at your roots. Drape the section of hair over the brush. Lift the brush up combing through your hair! Once dry you'll have instant volume!
What is a hair Blowout?
Hair salons offer blowouts women pay a pretty penny for. The stylist will dry and style your hair with a round brush and hair blow dryer. The blowout creates smooth, shiny, volumized hair that last for days!
Will a Blow Dryer Brush bristles burn you?
No, the bristles do not get hot, but the inside of the brush does. You can assist your hand along the brush bristles with no problem.
Will the Hot Tools One Step Brush cause frizz?
Yes and No. If I blow dry my hair one direction I have no issues. However, I've noticed if I blow dry my hair one direction then switch the complete opposite direction then it will create frizz.
Is the Hot Tools Blow Dryer Brush safe for thin hair?
Yes! The One Step Blowout brush has 3 settings: Cool, Low, and High. The Cool and Low setting is great for thin hair!
Hot Tools Review
I can honestly say, the Hot Tools One-Step Blowout is one of my favorite products.
I took off .5 of a star, because this blow dryer is a little heavy. It's not too heavy, but it's the heaviest hair product I own, weighing about 2 pounds.

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