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Kids Edible Craft. Valentine Candy Melts.

Valentine's Day Lip Candy

My daughter and I made some candy lip suckers today just for fun.  It was a great craft that my 6-year-old could handle and loved to do. This is a must try for you and your kids.

You Will Need:
Change it up however you want.
I used...

 Red Candy Melts
XOXO & Lip Candy Mold
Plastic Sucker Sticks
Make N Mold Bottle

DIY Steps:
  1. Fill your Make N Mold Bottle 3/4 full with Candy Melts.
  2. Melt in Microwave following the instructions. I did 30 sec intervals.
  3. Squeeze bottle and mix candy
  4. Repeat until the candy melts smoothly
  5. Place lid on bottle and squeeze candy into molds (let the kids do this)
  6. Tap molds softly on counter tops to level the candy
  7. Place in fridge until it hards
  8. Pop out candies from mold (let the kids to this)
  9. Add a sucker stick by placing a small dab of melted candy to the back on the stick. Let the candy harded to hold the stick in place.

 Madison squeezing melted candy into the molds.

 Jaxson sneaking and eating candy melts from the bag :)

 Dont forget to tap it on the counter to level it out and to pop any air bubbles.

Take silly pictures just for fun or to use as cards for Valentine's Day like our post from {yesterday}.


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