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DIY Pallet Dog Bed for FREE

Dog Bed Out of Pallets

I couldn't take it anymore. Seeing that dang dog pillow on the floor drove me crazy, so the hubs and I decided to make a dog bed for the pillow. 

We were able to make this Pallet Dog Bed for $0!!! Yes! It was FREE! 

We had everything we needed to make this dog bed and you probably already have everything too!

Pallets: Ask the manager at a local store and most of the time they will let you take them off their hands. Everything else was in our garage including: screws, a sander, wood glue, stain, paint, stain sponge, a skilsaw, & drill. 

We had a few pallets in the garage. 

We broke the pallets down and gave the planks a good sanding. 

Make sure to use safe clean pallets. 

First, we made a frame to fit the pillow. Our frame is 39" x 29". 

Wood glue works great to help keep things in place. 

Then, use 2 screws at each corner.

For the base, we cut 3 planks at 28.5", Glue the edges, hammer them in and secure them with more screws. 

Cut 4 planks at 9" each and glue into the corners of the bed. Screw into place.

I forgot to mention, this is the wood glue we have been using.

Lay pallet planks across the top of the frame and cut down to size.

The front plank and the back plank will be shorter than the rest. It will need to fit in between the two 9" planks. (above picture)

Evenly space out your planks and screw into place. Our planks are different sizes. We used what we had. No one will see these planks since the dog pillow will sit on top.

Wrap 3 pieces of wood around the top and screw into place. We made sure the wood was flush to the top of the 9" corner planks. These will be the same size as your initial frame in the first step.

I didn't take a picture, but the front opening of the dog bed was easy to create. 

Both pieces of  plank are 13" each and we made a diagonal cut up to 10" at the top. 

All done! The pillow fits perfect inside our new dog bed!

Now, on to STAIN and PAINT!

I used a staining sponge to stain my dog pallet bed. Make sure to wear gloves!

Then, I immersed a clean staining sponge in water and used turquoise paint to paint over the stain. Use a light hand until you get the distressed look you are going for. The water thins out the paint making it easier to work with.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out and now there's a place for this dog pillow in our house. It's cute and our fur babies sure look adorable in it. 

Overall, this was an easy project and only took a few hours. 

Now that we have a house, the hubs and I plan on creating more things. Do you and your husband/boyfriend build things together? This is a new thing for us and I'm loving every second of it. It's a great way to bond. Since he's a firefighter, he is gone most days; this is great quality time that I will never take for granted.

Here are a few of the supplies we used. Click on the picture to learn more about each product. 

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