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DIY Sawhorse Console Table

Sawhorse Entryway Table

Regardless, if you are looking for an entryway table, console table, or sofa table this Sawhorse table is the way to go. It is one of my favorite pieces in our new home and we have a sense of pride in building it ourselves, thanks to Shanty 2 Chic's Sawhorse Table Plans

We bought our wood and sawhorse brackets from The Home Depot.

You will also need:
Staining Sponge

Before we added the bottom shelf. 

Daniel had to go to work so I went ahead and stained everything. 

We chose Weathered Gray wood stain and I love how the color turned out. I recommend only doing 1 coat. Two coats made it look like it was paint and not a stain, so we had to sand it down a bit. 

After the bottom shelf was added. 

 We didn't follow their plans exactly but it was a great helping guide. 

Our table is 90" long. It's really big. I wanted it to be the exact width as our Gothic Windows and Mirror. We didn't have a K Jig so we worked around the nails. Our nails are exposed, giving our table a more rustic look and feel. 

Also, the top of our table did not have any end pieces. The top is 3 wood planks screwed into the sawhorse legs. 

I apologize for the lack of pictures. We build this table in September and I lost most the pictures during an Android meltdown. If you have any questions let me know.

Now, the hard part is decorating this Sawhorse Console Table. A few of my pieces are from Joanna and Chip Gaines store in Waco Texas. Read more about our trip to the Silos here. 

I hope y'all liked this table. Pin it and show me how yours turns out. 

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