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Exposed Rainbow Cake. Sweet Friday.

Rainbow Cake Exposed!

If you're a huge lover of exposed cakes then you will love this beautiful Exposed Rainbow Cake. There is something so rustic and gorgeous about an exposed cake. I just love them.

I'm not a big fan of icing, so this is the perfect amount of sweetness for my sweet tooth. 

I used Ameri-Color Food Coloring in Red, Orange, Yellow, Leaf Green, blue, & Sky Blue. You can get your own pack here...
(click the picture)

If you have just one cake pan this may take awhile; it will be worth the wait.

#1. Mix white (even yellow) cake mix with your Ameri-Color Food Coloring until it's blended. Put the colorful mixture into a cake pan and bake. Do the same thing for each color in the same sized cake pan. 

TIP: If your cake is cooked too golden for the beautiful colors to show use a serrated knife and cut around the cake edges. Freeze the cake for 15 minutes before doing so. This will create less crumbs as you're cutting. A better option is to find a large bowl big enough to use as a cutter. Like an over sized cookie cutter.

#2. Once your cake is cooled, ice the top with your favorite icing.

#3. Stack your colors in the order you would like. Press down firmly.

Tip: If your tall cake is too wobbly put it into the fridge. The stiffer the frosting the sturdier the cake.

#4. Place a long cake dowel inside the cake to keep it from falling over.

#5.  Create Sprinkles from crumbled cake pieces for the top of your rainbow cake.

DIY Rainbow Flag...

This rainbow flag is ribbon folded and glued over a cake dowel. Cut and heat seal the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't frey. Easy as pie (or should I say cake).

Save some of your batter from each cake color to make rainbow cupcakes. Just like these Camo Cupcakes my friend made a few years ago. Check them out!

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