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Repurposed Dresser. Paint without Sanding. Tutorial

Dresser Turned into a new Entertainment Center

 I have been repurposing dressers for years! My daughters dresser was a changing table, my craft room dresser hasn't had the top 3 drawers in it for over 3 years, and I even use dressers as buffet tables for birthday parties.
I plan on repainting my craft room dresser so keep an eye out for that post in the future.
I needed something to go beneath the living room TV but, for weeks, I couldn't find anything I liked. I found a dresser and decided it would work. Here is how I repurposed an old dresser into an entertainment system.

I found the dresser at an estate sale. It is a good piece but didn't match anything in my house.
I used these products:
Bulls Eye 1 2 3 Primer (no need to sand)
Behr Paint Color Sweet Molasses
MinWax Protective Coating (spray can)

Lets get started...
  • Find a place to paint your item.
  • Clean off dust and dirt. Let dry if needed.
  • Protect your work area (ground) from paint spills with an old cloth or canvas.
  • Remove all the drawers from your dresser.
  • Take the hardware off your drawers with a screwdriver.
  • Decide which drawer you want to turn into a shelf and take out the dresser drawer track (bracket) with a screwdriver.
 This was such a great dresser that was very sturdy. I did not need to do anything to the area I turned into a shelf, other than remove the drawer track, prime, and paint. If your shelf is not sturdy you will want to add some plywood for stability.
I was too lazy to paint the whole thing inside and out. I decided to just paint the visible areas.
  • Paint with Primer. 2 coats.
  • Paint with the color of your choice. 2 coats.
I painted the primer and color with a large & small roller. I did used a paint brush for the hard to reach areas. 
  • Prime & Paint the drawers too
Go ahead and paint the drawer that you do not plan on using. Just in case you decide to turn it back into a dresser in the future. 
Keep your hardware the same, paint it, or buy new hardware.

I decided to paint my hardware silver.
Back to the dresser...
Let everything dry then spray paint a protective coating over it. Once it dries again drill a hole in the back. Where ever you decide to drill the hole make sure the item that you plan on sitting in front of it covers the unsightly hole. You do not want a hole starring at you every time you look at your entertainment center.
Drill the hole as low as possible and make sure it is big enough to fit all your cords through it. Our hole is 1 1/4 inch big.
 I waited a full 2 weeks before I sat anything on it. Okay I'm lying... I sat items on top of my, freshly painted and dried, dresser for the picture below. Then, I took everything off and I did not put anything on top of it for 2 weeks.
We have our DirecTV box and a black PlayStation that covers our hole perfectly.
I did this over a month ago and it is a wonderful piece. The top drawers store the monthly bills (easy access), house keys, pen & note pad. The middle side drawers store movies and PlayStation controllers & games. The bottom drawers store small blankets for movie nights :)

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  1. What a great idea. I love that you have found great uses for all of the drawers- I also REALLY love that all the gadgets that are necessary for the gaming system have a home that is hidden away!

  2. I've been researching doing this and your site is the best for showing the steps. I had wondered if the component shelves would be sturdy, you answered that ques. THANKS, here I go!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this and explaining everything so simply!

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  5. Hi! I was wondering what the wax coating does. I've seen all kinds of tutorials like this, some include the wax finish and others skip it. Do you know?


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