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DIY Avengers Dresser Tutorial {with pictures}

Decoupage Avengers Dresser

Like most kids, my son is a fan of the Avengers. So, when we needed to redo his dresser we decided on creating a decoupage Avengers dresser.

Decoupage is an easy way to create whatever style dresser you want. Since you can pick any paper or fabric for your decoupage project the possibilities are endless.

Let's Get Started!

Find an old dresser you're ready to spruce up.

Give your old dresser a good sanding. I used a sanding block.

You don't want to paint over sawdust, dirt, or grime. So, let's give it a good cleaning. I used a Degreaser. Then, Windex.  

Fix any broken tracks or pieces. We used Gorilla Glue for the broken track, then screwed it into place. For the missing track, Daniel traced a good track & cut out a new one from wood with his Jigsaw.

Avengers Dresser Decoupage Supplies...

You will need...
Paint Brush
Paint Roller
Painters Tape
Paint Bucket
Mod Podge
Paper or Fabric

Above is 2 rolled up posters, but we switched it out for 2 Avengers Wrapping Paper.

 Tape off your drawers with Painters Tape.

 Use your choice of paint to add 2 coats to your dresser. We went with Black paint.  

Use the roller paint brush for the large areas like the front of the drawers and the sides. Then, use the small paint brush for the hard to reach areas, crevices, and trimmings.

As your paint is drying, cut your Avengers Wrapping Paper down to size. We cut it to fit the front of the drawers. We needed 5 pieces.

While your dresser is drying, set aside your cut out paper, clean paint brush, Mod Podge, a bowl of water, and a sponge.

Steps to Mod Podging...
Mod Podge is really thick to work with. I kept a bowl of water and sponge near me at all times to thin it out as needed.

Step 1: Dampen your surface with water from your sponge
Step 2: Add a layer of Mod Podge with a paint brush
Step 3: Apply your paper, smoothing out as you go
Step 4: Trim your paper if needed

Step 5:
Add a final coat of Mod Podge to the top of the paper. You really want to seal in the paper, focusing on the corners and sides. The Mod Podge dries quick, so thin it out with water if needed. Use your sponge to create even strokes.

Your Mod Podge will be visible until it is dry.

 Set your drawers aside and let them dry. This will only take an hour or two.

Mod Podging paper can be tricky. It's hard to not have creases in the paper. Wrapping paper is thin and will crease more, but if you do not care about the creases then it will still turn out awesome.

Tips to prevent paper creases
work from the middle to the outside
use smaller pieces of paper
get the paper wet before you apply (this can tear easy)

I'm all about the vintage comic book feel, so the more creases the better!

Paint the Corners...
I wanted the dresser to look like one piece. I wanted it to look like an old Vintage Comic Book Dresser.  So, to create the vintage comic book look I shadowed the corners, around the ends of the paper, and a few strokes on the top of the paper making the creases look antique.

Waiting for it to dry is the hard part!

Once we got it into his room I knew this was a piece people will ask me about in the future. I love how it turned out and so does my son, Jax.

Don't forget to save this pin & share it with a friend who loves the Avengers!

So, who is your favorite Avenger?

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Let me know if you have any questions.

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